Reaching out to others

Our Aims & Benefits

Afriscope is an online platform with the aim of uniting, empowering and abolishing poverty in African counties. Afriscope is an organization with financial aims of uplifting the retired, employed, unemployed, undergraduates who are ready to work with the program In other to achieve their goals and become financially free, our aims are

Uniting Africa

Eradicating poverty

Giving alms to the needy and less privilege

About us

Afriscope is a community where people help each other by giving out loans. Afriscope is not a bank, nobody collects your money, it is not an online business, investment, or MLM program. We provide you a technical basic program, which helps millions of participants around africa to find those who NEEDs LOAN, and those who are ready to GIVE LOAN for FREE.

How it Works

Have you ever imagined getting loan without collateral? Afriscope offers a chance of getting 50% of your money This is an illustration on how this program works, in other to get loan you would have to understand how it works.

MR A wants to participate all he needs to do is to register and login to his dashboard then he clicks on the package in which he wishes to get loan from; for example he/she wants to join a package of 10,000 of local currency he would be assigned to give loan to two afrimates (MR B and MR C) 5000 each, once this loan have been received by the other afrimates he/she would click on “get loan” then wait to be given loan of 50% that is 15,000 without collateral within the space of 15days this also implies in all packages.

Contact us

We will love to hear from you along with those who may simply be curious about what we do. Please contact us through any of the contact details below regarding anything you feel may be of interest and feel free to chat with us through any of the social networking site listed below. We will love to hear from you.

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